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0015462phpList 3 applicationDocumentationpublic29-04-11 16:09
Reportermario Assigned To 
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version2.10.12 
Target Version2.10.13Fixed in Version2.10.14 
Summary0015462: wrong description for the MAILQUEUE_THROTTLE value
Description2.10.12 Allows MAILQUEUE_THROTTLE to be a decimal value but that is not indicated in the config.php file. It says:

# value is in seconds (or you can play with the autothrottle below)
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child of 0015464 resolvedmichiel Include new configuration options and update explanatory text in config.php 



02-10-10 17:45

reporter   ~0051100


Confirmed incorrect instructions / in-line notes still exist in 2.10.12

This is a fairly important point being glossed over by the devs.



29-04-11 16:09

administrator   ~0051208