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0015286phpList 3 applicationBounce Managementpublic27-11-09 17:28
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version2.10.10 
Target Version2.10.11Fixed in Version2.10.11 
Summary0015286: delete bounce operation doesn't work from 'view a bounce' page
DescriptionI just upgraded to 2.10.10.

Now when I go to the "View a bounce" page from the admin and then with "Delete this bounce and go to the next" checked, hit the "Do the above" button, the page refreshes and the bounce doesn't appear to be deleted.
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12-05-09 18:51

reporter   ~0050643

It appears that the $deletebounce variable is not initialized from $_GET so it is always empty.


12-05-09 18:59

reporter   ~0050644

I fixed this issue by adding this at line 18 of admin/bounce.php:

$deletebounce = isset($_GET["deletebounce"]) ? $_GET["useremail"] : '';

I don't know if this is the proper place to put the fix but it seems to work.


12-05-09 19:00

reporter   ~0050645

oops, typo: line 18 should be this:

$deletebounce = isset($_GET["deletebounce"]) ? $_GET["deletebounce"] : '';


15-05-09 19:03

reporter   ~0050650

Note, I also found that $deleteuser is not initialized from $_GET so you can't delete a user from the view a bounce page


28-08-09 05:16

manager   ~0050717

Can confirm the issue. Actually none of the options on the 'View a bounce' page seem to work:

- Increase bouncecount with
- Mark user as unconfirmed
- Set user to receive text instead of HTML
- Delete user
- Delete this bounce and go to the next


28-08-09 05:17

manager   ~0050718

Related forum thread:


30-08-09 06:03

reporter   ~0050730

I have not confirmed, but looking over the code a bit, I think that expanding on nickyoung's sleuthing to add the following lines should fix the remaining issues:

$amount = isset($_GET["amount"]) ? $_GET["amount"] : '';
$unconfirm = isset($_GET["unconfirm"]) ? $_GET["unconfirm"] : '';
$maketext = isset($_GET["maketext"]) ? $_GET["maketext"] : '';
$deleteuser = isset($_GET["deleteuser"]) ? $_GET["deleteuser"] : '';


30-08-09 14:09

manager   ~0050731

Inserted the code suggested by nickyoung and CS2 at line 18 of lists/admin/bounce.php and ran a quick test. All options seem to be working now. Thanks!

Will add the fixed bounce.php to the list of patched files in


27-11-09 17:28

administrator   ~0050785

revision 1696