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0015284phpList 3 applicationAdmin Managementpublic09-04-10 19:20
Reporterh2b2 Assigned To 
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version2.10.10 
Target Version2.10.11Fixed in Version2.10.11 
Summary0015284: v2.10.10: Delete attribute and Merge attribute feature does not seem to be working
DescriptionOn the 'configure attributes' page (lists/admin/?page=attributes), deleting or merging attributes has no effect.
Additional InformationIssue reported by postmanpat:

Confirmed on my system:
 phplist 2.10.9
 PHP 5.2.3
 MySQL 4.1.12
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has duplicate 0015304 resolved Can't delete attributes on Configure Attributes page 
has duplicate 0015293 resolved Cannot delete Attributes via the admin system 



12-05-09 03:38

manager   ~0050641

Correction: my test system is running 2.10.10, not 2.10.9


15-05-09 18:20

reporter   ~0050649

May I ask when this bug will be resolved? Could you please raise the severity to high? The fact that attributes can't be deleted renders the 2.10.10 release pretty much useless.

Thank you.


18-05-09 07:43

manager   ~0050654

If you have an attribute that you don't want included on your subscribe page and preferences page, you can simply edit the subscribe page (e.g. lists/admin/?page=spageedit&id=1), and un-tag the attribute's checkbox "Check this box to use this attribute in the page".


18-05-09 14:40

reporter   ~0050655

H2B2, thank you for getting back with me. Is there a way to make the Name attribute mandatory? Using the form to edit the subscribe page will allow me to take it off, but I really want it to be mandatory for people to subscribe to lists.

Thank you.


19-05-09 05:10

manager   ~0050659

Ah, I didn't yet notice that ***making attributes required doesn't work*** either. Have now, and can confirm this issue on my system.

Short of an actual fix, I don't see a solution for this one. Perhaps a workaround by applying the customized subscribe _form_ method described in
You'll then need to add the "Name" attribute to the existing javascript form validation.


26-05-09 23:00

reporter   ~0050663

Every instance of $tagaction['merge'] must be replaced by $_POST['tagaction']['merge']


02-07-09 12:29

reporter   ~0050690

i installed v.2.10.10 a few days ago. i too cannot delete attributes.
i can make them "not require", which is good.
However, the admin user is presented with a bunch of choices on the "criteria" tab for sending a new message, and it can be a bit confusing.

Hope you can fix it soon.


10-07-09 20:20

reporter   ~0050693

Doesnt Work here neither will this be fixed someday?


23-07-09 10:58

reporter   ~0050694

I solved the problem...
just change line number 148 in file admin/commonlib/pages/attributes.php from

if (isset($tagaction['delete'])) {


if (isset($_POST["tagaction"]['delete'])) {

and then it works fine for me :)


23-07-09 12:00

reporter   ~0050695

btw... the same for the merge in line 171:

change } elseif (isset($tagaction['merge'])) {


     } elseif (isset($_POST["tagaction"]['merge'])) {


23-07-09 15:23

reporter   ~0050696

to solve the problem with the attributes in the signup page / edit change in line 57-59 of /admin/spageedit.php from

      $default = $attr_default[$att];
      $order = $attr_listorder[$att];
      $required = $attr_required[$att];


      $default = $_POST["$attr_default"][$att];
      $order = $_POST["attr_listorder"][$att];
      $required = $_POST["attr_required"][$att];


10-08-09 09:45

reporter   ~0050707

Flo_reu's solution worked for me, at least for deleting attributes.


29-08-09 14:20

manager   ~0050723

flo_reu's fix for the delete and merge attributes issue works fine on my system.

The patched lists/admin/commonlib/pages/attributes.php file has been included as an attachment in this forum post:


06-10-09 17:07

reporter   ~0050747

flo_reu's edits worked for me. attributes can now be deleted on my system.