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0014253phpList 3 applicationStatisticspublic21-06-18 13:05
Status resolvedResolutionduplicate 
Product Version2.10.5 
Target Versionnext majorFixed in Version 
Summary0014253: clicktracking totals: sent msgs is calculated wrong (especially for RSS msgs)
Descriptionmviews.php: the SQL (which was already changed in bug #6531) is still not correct, it should include a where/having-condition to only select the msgs which were actually sent. If status is being counted, it has to select "where um.status='sent'", or else the stats will be horribly wrong for msgs with 2 or 3 RSS frequencies.

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24-04-08 08:23

reporter   ~0045691

this also affects statsoverview.php ...

by the way, statsoverview and mviews are basically the same file, I suggest merging them to stats.php with different function blocks for voerview and details...

also code which does nothing should be assessed:

$timerange = ' and date_add(msg.entered,interval 6 month) > now()';
$timerange = '';